Strengthening Faith The Mainstay Foundation aims to use innovative and contemporary means to strengthen the faith and consolidate the identity of Muslims. arrow_back arrow_forward Fostering Education The Mainstay Foundation empowers students to pioneer in education and be supported in a way where they can advance and become the experts in their fields of study. arrow_back arrow_forward Developing Communities The Mainstay Foundation provides logistical and financial support through partner organisations for those living in poverty, including financial sponsorship programmes, healthcare, food aid and housing . arrow_back arrow_forward

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The Mainstay Foundation is a charitable organisation that provides services to help the advancement of faith, education and community development.

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Covid-19 Food Aid

June 22nd, 2020|

The Mainstay Foundation has reacted to the Covid-19 crisis in the regions of Iraq and India by distributing food baskets throughout the two countries. IRAQ: In addition to the yearly Ramadhan food basket distribution, The Mainstay Foundation reacted to the crisis by facilitating the distribution of food baskets to those in need throughout Iraq. We were able to distribute around 1,200 baskets specifically to children and a further 8,800 to other individuals throughout the country India: During the Holy month of Ramadhan, many people [...]

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Strengthening Faith

The advancement of Islamic faith

Fostering Education

The advancement of education

Developing Communities

The advancement of community development

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